With a new year comes a great new programme from Trinity Arts. Along with our regular lunchtime music and Southport Young Musician competition, there will be brand new events… so watch this space for more information. Don’t forget there’s also the Art Exhibition and many other highlights. Please sign up to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for regular updates.

Trinity Arts – a creative space to explore life

It was the height of the swinging 60s. The miniskirt was born, the Beatles film Help! debuted in London, Thunderbirds aired on TV, and Winston Churchill died, signalling the end of an era of times gone by. The world had changed. It was 1965 and it was against this backdrop that Holy Trinity Curate Roger Wikeley set up Trinity Festival (now Arts).

From Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions?’ to a college fashion show – where the only condition was that there would be no topless models – Trinity Arts pushed the boundaries. What may have started as a music arm of an iconic church with a wonderful organ and a grand musical tradition, has become an Arts Festival encompassing all the arts, and attracting new, younger, audiences through the prestigious Southport Young Musician competition.

Revd Canon Dr Rod Garner

One of Trinity Arts’ most fervent supporters, the Revd Canon Dr Rod Garner, has been involved for over 20 years, since he took up post as vicar of Holy Trinity Church. As he retires in a few weeks, he reflects on the festival since his involvement…continued

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